We train both dogs for the professional industry, but also for private use at home. Read below what we have special experience with:

Danish K9 Solutions

Faithful Dogs

Dogs are playing a major role as working dogs, they contribute to many cases that would be impossible or very difficult without them. Working dogs are truly the unsung heroes.

As guardians of night, they stand ever vigilant to protect and serve 

Several different dogs are used for work, but the most common are German shepherds, Malinois and Labradors. All dogs have their own specialty that is utilized. Danish K9 Solutions have many years experience with training these breeds, from green/untrained to fully trained single or dual purpose dogs.  

At Danish K9 Solutions we offer professional training of both police, military dogs and civilian dogs as well. Here the handler and the dog is allowed to train interaction, chemistry as well as real world scenarios.

  • One of the things we utilize is the nose, if we try to compere a dogs sense of smell to a human´s it becomes clear why they outperform us and machines. If a human have the smelling capacity of a post stamp, then the dog have the smelling capacity at the size football field! 
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