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Educated within Military as a K9 handler/Instructor

The best thing about being educated in military is that we train to trust the dog 100%, and the bond we create between the handler and dog is unbreakable. 


12 years of K9 experience

We are the only ones who offer the full package, were we offer training from the dog is 8 weeks and all the way through to fully trained working K9, and at the same time we offer K9 first aid kits and training. We are very proud of it! 

Michael, started his military carrier in the army (2003-2008). In 2008 Michael joined the Danish Air Force and was trained as a dog handler/instructor (2008-2018) he is one off the select few in Europe who has the been through the dual police dog trainers course at VLK in Indiana (2017) but the only one with valid certificate. Michael was there as judge at the 2018 VLK Olympics. Michael has taught and attend several different training classes all over the world throughout the years. Michael is a veteran and have 3 Deployments to Afghanistan, 2 of these was a K9 handler, Michael was the first Danish K9 handler to deploy with the Danish special forces,  and have gained a lot of experience in training a dog to be healthy and strong, mentally and physically.

That´s why Michael’s motto is #NOCOMPROMISE

Meet my team


Marketing and ass. trainer

Elisabeth has been around dogs all her life and she lives and breaths for dogs. Elisabeth is a K9 handler i the Danish National Guard for several years and she has been an essential part of Danish K9 Solutions.  


Dual bomb dog

Akela is my retired military working dog, he is 5 years old. He is trained to find bombs and all types of patrol training incl. muzzel attack. 


They make it possible

Toldstyrelsens hundetjeneste, Denmark

Scentlogix, USA

K9 dog center, Dondi hydrick, Georgia,  USA 

Vohne Liche Kennels, Indiana, USA

Elite K9, USA

VLK EURO, Holland

Center Dyreklinik, Denmark 

Royal Canin, Denmark

Turhunden, Denmark 

Jæger & Hund, Denmark 

K9-unit special service, Denmark 


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